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  1. [FS: GEAR] Immaculate 'like new' Ronin S with DJI Focus motor and lots of accessories

    I have a 2 months old Ronin S that has been used once for literally a handful of shots, and since then it has been in its box.

    Fully loaded with the DJI Ronin S focus motor that works with the...
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    [FS: GEAR] Price drop bump

    Price drop bump
  3. [SOLD] Sony A7Rii Kit - Sony 85mm - Rokinon 35mm - Lots of accessories too

    Selling my little sony set up that i have been using very rarely for some stills shooting. Camera has 20k shutter fires, it is rated for 500k, so very low fires. Lenses are immaculate, always kept in...
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    [FS: GEAR] SmallHD 702 OLED With Case

    SmallHD 702 OLED, wide gamut and accurate colors are this monitors superpower, along with great focus tools and all the exposure scopes you'll need.

    Monitor is in great condition, very little use...

    Selling my small set of Leica R lenses. There is plenty of info out there on Leica R glass, they're fantastic lenses for a wide range of looks.

    This is a matched set with serial numbers within...
  6. [WTB] Want to buy Leica R 28mm and 35mm - Ideally with Cinemod

    Email me if you have something available -
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    [SOLD] Atomos Ninja V - Like New

    Selling a Atomos Ninja V recorder, capable of RAW recording, 4K, HDR Monitoring, and 1000nits high bright display. Purchased new very recently for one shoot, now needs a new home. An amazing...
  8. [SOLD] Price adjustment

    Price adjustment
  9. [SOLD] Atomos Shogun Flame - Full kit with case, cage, and more

    Selling my Atomos Shogun Flame HDR 4K monitor and recorder, i'm the original owner.

    Purchased as a monitor for focus pulling on set, this is in very clean and good condition. Apart from a couple...
  10. [FS: OPTICS] MINT Duclos Leica R 24mm - Sell or Trade for 28mm or 35mm

    Selling a mint Leica R 24mm, cine-mod from Duclos - EF mount, focus gear, declicked, 80mm front, full service etc

    28... serial number, has seen very little use since it was serviced and modded...
  11. [FS: GEAR] Yes, you're right, sorry was on autopilot when i...

    Yes, you're right, sorry was on autopilot when i wrote the ad, adjusting now...

    And yes, amazing little things these!
  12. [FS: GEAR] SmallHD Focus OLED SDI (and HDMI) 5" Monitor with Arm - Purchased 4 weeks ago

    Purchased on the 30th August 2019, selling an immaculate Focus OLED SDI monitor with USB port. Comes with screen protector and the mounting arm, and the original box. It was purchased for one...
  13. [SOLD] RedRock MicroFocus Wiress Focus Kit - Priced to sell

    Selling my trusty Redrock Micro wireless focus system. Purchased new, this has served me well over the last couple of years. Complete kit comes with:

    - Base station
    - Wireless hand controller
  14. [FS: GEAR] 2x Anton Bauer V-Mount Cine 150wh Batteries (the ones with the screen) w/charger

    Selling 2 Anton Bauer Cine batteries, v-mount, with dual charger (switronix), 150wh (gets about 2hrs 40mins on Red)

    In great shape, maybe 30cycles each on them, based in LA

    $1000 - email...
  15. [SOLD] Weekend Bump

    Weekend Bump
  16. [SOLD] Correct, it does all the functions of the DSMC2...

    Correct, it does all the functions of the DSMC2 camera including IPP2. There is no difference to the image between DSMC2 and Epic-W. DSMC2 is a rebrand, not a new camera generation.
  17. [SOLD] Sure, the cameras were essentially rebranded to...

    Sure, the cameras were essentially rebranded to make the navigation of the different camera series and sensors easier to understand. Epic-W was rebranded into DSMC2, and with that all Epic-W owners...
  18. [SOLD] Lots of interest, but still for sale at the...

    Lots of interest, but still for sale at the moment. Open to realistic offers.
  19. [SOLD] Reduced to $23,000

    Reduced to $23,000
  20. [SOLD] Camera kit will be at NAB with me should anyone...

    Camera kit will be at NAB with me should anyone be interested in seeing it
  21. [SOLD] Battery Pics

    Battery Pics
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    [SOLD] Pics attached

    Pics attached
  23. [SOLD] More Pics

    More Pics
  24. [SOLD] Pics Attached

    Pics Attached
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    [SOLD] Second version

    Second version
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