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  1. [FS: RED Gear] 6x Red bricks (4 need to be recalled) and red charger

    I have 6 Red brick V-mounts, 2 of them still work and hold charge, but 4 need to be recalled, I was going to do it with Ritter but I need them sooner, so I am going to buy some new ones. also comes...
  2. [FS: OPTICS] Zeiss cp.2 28mm PL mount with box

    Just as the post says I thought I was going to start collecting CP.2 lenses but have decided against it. I am looking for 1600. you can respond here or on my email:
  3. [FS: GEAR] Bump

  4. [FS: OPTICS] Canon FD L lens set (K35 sorta wish maybe)

    Was trying to make a cine set of Canon FD lenses, didn't quite make it, and am now looking to upgrade my camera body instead. They are wonderful lenses, was thinking of getting them rehoused at white...
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    [FS: GEAR] Teradek 500 SDI / HDMI Kit

    This kit rules, just already have 4 of them. Looking to sell so I can pick up some other gear.

    Kit includes:
    Teradek 500 sdi / hdmi RX
    Teradek 500 sdi / hdmi TX
    2x sdi cables
    1x lemo to d tap...
  6. [FS: OPTICS] GL Optics Sigma 18-35mm T2 PL mount

    Looking to sell some gear so I can get a URSA G2 or a Red Epic, so I am selling some of my gear. You know what this lens is, it is a great lens for most of your needs. I love it, I actually own 2 of...
  7. [FS: GEAR] Canon 1DX Mark II with SPL housing and Over Under dome port

    This camera and housing has especially well for me, I hav mostly used it for 4k60 video not a ton of photos. I love it, I just need to get another c200.

    Camera kit:
    1Dx Mark ii
    3x Batteries
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    [FS: OPTICS] It is 120 degree

    It is 120 degree
  9. [FS: GEAR] SmallHD Focus Bolt monitor with teradek 500 receiver

    this thing is great but I upgraded to the 703 bolt so I am trying to ditch it now. Bought for 1499 trying to get 1350, only used once. here is the link to it:
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    [FS: OPTICS] GL Optics 18-35mm T2 with PL mount

    This lens is just plain amazing, it is the same as the Sigma Cine T2 but in a different housing; this housing is built like a tank.

  12. [FS: OPTICS] Canon CN-E 30-105mm T2.8 L S Duclos EF and PL mount

    This lens is amazing, most people have worked with this piece of glass. It comes with an interspace case, small rig 15mm support and the Duclos Pl and EF multimount. Also comes with original PL...
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    [FS: OPTICS] I am interested, I tried to message you but it...

    I am interested, I tried to message you but it would not go through. my email is
  14. [FS: GEAR] Just bumping this thang.

    Just bumping this thang.
  15. [FS: OPTICS] 120's and no scratches on the glass.

    120's and no scratches on the glass.
  16. [FS: OPTICS] I'll be honest, its pretty noticeable, it is like...

    I'll be honest, its pretty noticeable, it is like all the 50-100 this rehousing didn't make it better or worse.
  17. [FS: OPTICS] GL optics Cine lens set (sigma and token rehoused) 18-35mm 50-100mm 11-16mm

    Selling my GL optics set, thinking f upgrading to an Orion or 2.

    18-35mm T2
    50-100mm T2
    11-16mm T3

    I am looking for 6500 Total
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    [FS: GEAR] do you still have this and would you ship to Los...

    do you still have this and would you ship to Los Angeles?
  19. [FS: GEAR] I have you sold all of these?

    I have you sold all of these?
  20. [FS: GEAR] Yea man. What you thinking?

    Yea man. What you thinking?
  21. [FS: GEAR] No this is a 2nd gen.

    No this is a 2nd gen.
  22. [FS: GEAR] Canon 5D mark IV with 16-35mm II and SPL water housing

    This is a great underwater kit. Comes with:
    -Canon 5d mark iv
    2x canon lpe6
    1x charger
    2x 64 gb cards
    16-35 f2.8 II. With suede pouch and hood
    SPL surf housing with port and trigger
  23. [FS: GEAR] GoPro karma drone and handheld gimbal

    Just havenít been flying as much. The copter rules.
    Kit comes with:
    GoPro karma drone
    GoPro karma halheld gimbal
    3x karma batteries

    Looking for 700 but open to deals
  24. [FS: GEAR] Teradek 300 with 1 transmitter and 2 recievers (SDI only)

    Great set. Just donít need it any more. Willing to deal or trade. Comes with everything:
    1x transmitter
    2x receivers
    3x lemo to ptap
    2x coiled sdi cables
    2x ac power cables
    Pelican case
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    [FS: OPTICS] Bump

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