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  1. [SOLD] Price Reduced to $13,000. We purchased this lens...

    Price Reduced to $13,000. We purchased this lens at Auction and are just trying to get our money back so we can make a couple large purchases coming up.
  2. [SOLD] Bump

  3. [SOLD] Bump. Price Reduced!

    Bump. Price Reduced!
  4. [SOLD] Bump, Price Reduced

    Bump, Price Reduced
  5. [SOLD] Angenieux Optimo T2.2 17-80mm Lens w/ Case

    Angenieux Optimo T2.2 17-80mm Zoom Lens


    Located in Los Angeles, CA. Prefer local pickup but willing to ship within USA. This lens produces beautiful images! We purchased this at...
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