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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Ryan View Post
    hmmm, this is getting interesting. I'm more interested in the Tilta Wireless focus that was briefly shown but not discussed in the video...

    You mean this one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Gundu View Post
    You mean this one?
    damn you're good! haha. Yeah that one!

    This looks like a great value if it pans out. Definitely a good alternative to the RTmotion FIZ units.
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    Hi Bob!

    I've currently been looking for the best ENG style shoulder mount solution for RED and came across this older thread. Just wondering if you've improved anything since 2013? Your ENG style with the Anton batts seems hard to beat! I've searched all photos across the web and this one really makes sense to me. If I were to copy this, do you think I can still find these parts? If you have time to share the main bits I would need to buy build this, would be great. I can't tell from the pics exactly what's going on here....specifically the rails, clamps system that's on the top of the camera that drops down the back to hold the movcam pad and AB battery plate.
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