Thread: Burton's upcoming [SNOWBOARD] series shot on MōVI and EPIC

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  1. #1 Burton's upcoming [SNOWBOARD] series shot on MōVI and EPIC 
    Wanted to share what the team at Burton created with an EPIC and a MōVI. The team had very limited time with the MōVI before the shoot and designed a killer shot!

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    That is an awesome video! Great MOVI shot around the factory, really well planned out! Can't wait to see more of this rig in action.
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    That opening shot is money! I predict in a years time, this will be the big trend in most productions but for now... so awesome to look at.
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    great work, Tabb!
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    nice! do you have a BTS video?
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    Holy crackers that was awesome.
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    That is some great work. Nicely done.
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    Thanks guys, to be clear this was not me who did this....we just let them use a MōVI ;)

    BTS coming in a few days!
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    Woah, that long shot was seriously insane! Great work
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    Fun stuff. Great choreography. Some shots were a bit to quick on the pans but I'm just nit-picking. Congrats to the team :)

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