Hello. I'm trying to find ways of holding on to Sony Vegas rather than shifting over to Premiere Pro 6.5.

I edit a lot of 5K R3D footage.

When I make changes to my R3D files in RedCineX, for example - changing the curves of the RAW footage, these changes do not show up accurately when I open Vegas and edit such files. For example, for my short film, I did a key-light grade on RedCineX which took many many hours. However, when I opened my Vegas timeline, in which I was cutting the short film, the changes did not correspond to the changes made in RedCineX -- In RedCineX, I had boosted the mids heavily, however, in my Vegas timeline, the image remained flat and RAW-like.

When I opened the (limited) properties within vegas, to access the RAW r3d information, there is in fact changes to the RAW setting (for example, the mids had in fact been boosted in the curves), but the image on my preview looks vastly different to how it did in RedCineX (which is the true image).

Since I edit mostly R3D footage and have become accustomed to Vegas over the years, it would be extremely helpful to my sanity and career if someone could explain why this happens, correct me, or offer a solution to the problem.

P.s It is important for me to edit the RAW in RedCineX because RedCineX allows me to adjust ALL of the settings within the RAW r3d files and is therefore more flexible.

Thanks guys.