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    So yesterday I was able to spend a couple hours with the Carbon Dragon.

    Also, while still compressed, you can indeed watch the UHD 4K resolution version on Youtube by selecting the "Orginal" resolution:

    Red Epic Dragon (Carbon Fiber)
    Shoot Date: 10.03.2013
    Format: 6K WS, 24-96 fps
    Rated ISO: 800 – graded in post ISO 320-2000 (no noise reduction)
    Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC
    Quick Color Grade in Redcine-X Pro
    Lenses: Schneider Cine-Xenar III Primes: 18mm-95mm @ T2-T8
    Filters Used: Occasionally an ND .9

    A couple BTS grabs. This was my first time checking out the Carbon Dragon. It's a beautiful thing really.

    Below there are 720p, UHD 4K, and a 6K WS Dragon .R3D Grab. There are also five 6K WS .R3D Trims containing 72 frames each for you to download.

    ** Edit 12.22.2013 - Removed .R3Ds because production cameras are now shipping and these prototype files aren't truly relevant anymore.

    Feel free to experiment with them, just please credit me as the shooter.

    This one's for Jim.

    Wherever you are Jim, this Dragon is the beast I've been waiting for. It's superb.

    Click for UHD 4K Version

    Some additional notes & images:

    Highlight Retention, Clipped Highlights, and Highlight Roll-Off:

    What Do You Want To See?
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    Come on, RED, get these Dragon upgrades out to us Peons!

    Looks great, Phil.
    Isaac Marchionna
    DART Design
    DRAGON-X 03914
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    It's Just BEAUTIFUL!!
    Philanthropist | Filmmaker | Photographer

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    Best dragon footage Ive seen so far, great job Phil! Highlights look phenomenal
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    Dragon and Phil really nailed it!
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    Holy Cow!!!

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    Very cool!
    CF Monstro VV Weapon package
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    Well done Phil. Why don't you pick a few R3Ds from the shoot and share them with the group?
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    Awesome! Thanks RED!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    Well done Phil. Why don't you pick a few R3Ds from the shoot and share them with the group?

    VFX, Cinematographer, Photographer
    10 frame handles
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    Nicely done Phil... Those Carbons are so damn sexy! Really want one. Anyone wanna buy my Epic M? hahaha!
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