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    We received our MoVI M10 over a month ago. I've used several different cameras on it including an Epic and 5D. I have done numerous tests with it and I used it on a western. On the fast paced western shoot, the M10 performed flawlessly!

    The balancing and tablet GUI calibration can be lengthy to setup but once the MoVI is dialed in, it only takes a few minutes to adjust for different lenses (if part of the same set) and battery swaps (if the battery is the same size)

    Cameras that have been successfully used on the MoVI M10:
    -Red Epic/Scarlet
    -Canon C300, C500
    Canon 5D, 1D-C
    -Sony FS100
    -Panasonic GH3

    At this point in time, I don't recommend using the Alexa M on it! According to FreeFly, there will be an extension kit out next year for the M10 to allow for longer cameras and the Alexa M to be used on it.

    Great lenses to use with it:
    -Super/Standard Speeds
    -Ultra Primes including the 8R
    -Canon Cinema Series Primes
    -geared Leica R lenses

    Not-So-Great lenses to use with it
    -Most PL-Mount zoom lenses including Light Weight Zooms (pushes the center of gravity too far forward)
    -Tromboning lenses (harder/timelier to balance but not impossible)
    -Larger Primes (some primes can weigh up to 6lbs)

    Please email me if you have any questions

    Thank you,

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    Where are you located?
    The Thrill Mill
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    Los Angeles, CA
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    Have any samples? What's your rate?
    Chris McKechnie
    Director of Photography
    Email -
    Reel -
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    Hello Chris, if the footage I've shot doesn't become available soon, I'll take it out and shoot something to upload. Thanks for your interest!
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    Here's Aloe Blacc's latest music video for "The Man". I was a MoVI tech on it and we shot it on a Red Dragon:

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    Complete Rig rental: Please email me for details
    MoVI tech rate: please email me for details
    Rates flexible for longer jobs.
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    FYI: I've taken Abel Cine's 2-day course and I'm listed on their website:
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