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    OFFHOLLYWOOD has been quietly supporting a major production in NYC that has been shooting on Dragons for over 12 weeks and today, we are so thrilled and excited to announce that the EPIC DRAGON is now officially available in our rental inventory.

    As many of you know, I have been working with and supporting productions on RED's cameras for 7 years - and I remember very clearly how exciting it was when our MX sensor upgrades began and we started kickin' them. Dragon is a much, much bigger deal IMO.

    I can not even think of the Dragon as a sensor upgrade. It's a whole new camera. Period.

    My new favorite thing is watching the skeptical faces of Alexa loving cinematographers who have shot on RED previously as they start to test with the Dragon.

    Dragons don't breath fire - they seduce with irresistible power.

    I know some of you are anxious. I know very well how painful it is to wait ... and wait ... for what has been announced. And how tough it is to not know exactly when you will get something you want or need. And I have spoken to many Redusers and industry professionals, who for some reason, like to vent to me personally about all of their feelings about the company. While I can't speak for RED, I can speak as one of the very, very first customers - Dragon delivers and there is just no way you won't love shooting with it.

    Worth the wait and then some. Seriously.

    I'm going to try to share as much knowledge, observations, opinions, images and R3Ds as I possibly can in this thread as we head into the Holiday Season and a new year. Just gimme a couple more days and I'll unleash :)

    Jarred, Matt B, Brent, Alan, Nick, Kelly, Rob, Graeme and every last hard working employee behind the scenes and putting together little black boxes on the line at RED should be very, very proud. None of you have any clue how many great films, images and art are going to be created with this thing around the world.

    Jim Jannard ... well ... he should look in the mirror every morning and just smile. Thank you Jim. Wow. Just wow.

    a few assorted Dragon R3Ds from exposure/lens tests:

    Existing light only day ext. - Tiffen ND 1.8 - LECIA Summilux-C 75mm

    These are shots of subjects with a single light source - B2PRO 140cm Collapsed Umbrella 1.2 HMI. Shot with LECIA Summilux-C Primes, Angenieux 28mm-340mm, Angenieux 45mm-120mm and LECIA 100mm Macro as part of an exposure/lens test by Michael Berlucchi.

    Two shots wide open (T1.4) LECIA Summilux-C Prime with only a match as a light source.

    Night exterior - Central Park - existing lighting only. Wide open (T1.4) with LECIA Summilux-C Prime. Push up the ISO and check out the detail captured :)


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    WOWO Congrats Mark ;)

    I await your post R3d DRAGOOOONNNNNNNNNN :)
    Grading Suite Davinci Resolve, Rental RED Digital camera.
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    Cool and congrats Mark!
    Life is good. So is RED...
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    Congrats Mark!

    You've inspired many of us earlier & now we gonna follow your thread even more closely for your experience & observations of Dragon!

    Thank you for sharing :)
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    Nice Mark, and congrats!!
    The pursuit of my dreams fuels my life.

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    Very Cool Mark! Thanks for sharing!
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    Congratulations Mark and everyone at off Hollywood!

    Threads like this = happiness!

    "Colors are the wounds of light."
    -William Blake
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    This is exciting news... sounds like the conversions are picking up a bit of speed and hitting the streets.
    Will be good to see more R3d's

    Matt Uhry
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    My thoughts as well. Exciting, hopefully those with upgrades will see Dragons in Q1 of 2014.

    Then some new Dragon color/gamma coming down the pipe. We know we can count of some minimal improvements at the very least.

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Uhry View Post
    This is exciting news... sounds like the conversions are picking up a bit of speed and hitting the streets.
    Will be good to see more R3d's

    Matt Uhry
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    Killer Mark, Stoked for you!!
    Jason Diamond
    The Diamond Bros.

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