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    As a certified (or maybe it is certifiable) old fart, I love watching all the old school action heroes on screen together. At the end of the day, these films are not about good story, they are about entertainment and fun (and profit)…kudos to RED for being chosen!
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    haha, friend of mine just started whistling with the sound as i was watching this... don't know anything about it but it looks like there's some good guys on it (:
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    My bro's Ziv Marom and Chris Marino were the Epic Drone unit. Some badass shit.
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    Very cool!
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    What a cast!
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    I actually think this is a great franchise, no need to knock it at all. The first Expendables is a GOOD movie. Don't forget, Stallone can be a legit filmmaker when he wants to be. Rocky was nominated for ten Academy Awards after all, and WON BEST PICTURE (he WROTE and DIRECTED). So clearly he has chops.

    I watched some making ofs for Expendables (I was so impressed, I wanted to know more)...and I was blown away by Sly's commitment as a film-maker. Not only did he direct, produce and star, but he did all his own stunts and got seriously injured twice on the original movie. That's why he's limping throughout the whole movie - it's a real limp. He couldn't afford to have surgery because he was in the middle of shooting the movie.

    Incredible toughness and resolve.

    Sly is the rare film maker that's managed to re-invent himself as he's gotten older. Instead of retiring and fading into the sunset, he's found a way to create a franchise that can keep both himself and his contemporaries working. Turned a negative into a positive. Notice there's no huge studio participation on this. My assumption is Sly is doing this on his own, and is probably profiting handsomely from it. In fact I just looked it up and Expendables is the #10 Biggest Independent Release of All Time!


    And congrats RED for being a part of this franchise. Two rebels working together. Makes sense to me!
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    In case anyone is wondering, the company behind The Expendables, NuImage/Millennium Films, has been a HUGE supporter of RED cameras in the past. Many of their action films have been shot on RED at Nu Boyana Studios.
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    Hey Jarred,

    Expendables editorial needs some Dragons! ;)

    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    Teaser Trailer. Love the franchise or not.. from the footage I have seen from the show it looks incredible. Peter Menzies Jr. did one hell of a job. The first 2 Expendables were shot on Film and we are very proud that Peter chose RED for the 3rd.

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    Wicked ...

    - E

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