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    Yup. You should be all good. I would just double check that your T/E meters are green. If so, then, with the sensor cap on, crank the ISO up to 12800. If you see an even pattern of noise then you are good! If you see any weirdness pop out from the noise, then you know the blackshade was imperfect or maybe even incorrect. For reference, on my camera, if I crank it to 12800 and see a blue artificat that kind of looks like a flare, I know I need to refresh my blackshade.

    P.S. Just a heads up for those who don't know, the file name for each individual black shade has all the relevant metadata for the blackshade. It'll start with the shutter speed (or auto if it's an auto cal), then give the temperature, then the date and time of the calibration.
    Excellent advice. Thank you. How many passes should I perform on the manual black shade? I believe it allows You to choose up to 4
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    No worries! Glad to be of help!

    And I normally use all 4 black shades, set to different shutter speeds or temperatures.

    Meaning I'll have one for 24fps, one for 60, and one for 96, and then either a second 24 FPS at a different temperature, or 120fps if I think I'll go higher than 96.

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