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    Every time I try to export my 4K footage it says "Running" in the Export window, the ETA clock starts going up and up, the Progress meter stays at 0%, and then...

    RedImageExporterToExternal::cancel unable to send abort message to client.
    RedImageExporterToExternal::cancel failed to receive stop message from client.
    RedImageExporterToExternal::cancel unable to stop export client.

    I have tried to follow every tutorial online, but the same result. Is there a setting I'm missing?
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    Hi Paul,

    Please do a "Save Report" from the help menu and email that to me at redcinex at red dot com.

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    Hi, Has there been any update on your problem, I am getting a similar issue.

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  4. #4 mine is exporting ... now 
    Hi there,

    i had the same problem.

    in my Quicktime preset i changed the "Output location" to "custom output"
    it did not work with "Ask for Output Filename".

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    Any new insights for this problem?
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    How many sources would you transcode in one time?
    I reached this problem when try to encode over 1000 files in one time. But if I convert 500+500 files, error gone.
    In my case, error appear anywhere between 628-748 footages.

    And you must restart Redcine-X each time after this error appear.
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    Sorry to resurrect this old thread...I just can't get Redcine-X to export any of my files either. Stuck at 0%
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    I have the same problem but with just one batch of clips.....stuck at 0% but plays fine in RCX. Crashes RCX everytime I try to export any clip from this one SSD. Is it possible to lock the clips somehow so they can't be exported?
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    Same problem here. Crashing when trying to export

    And the imports to Premiere take forever as well.

    Not sure what I am missing. Sending report
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