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    I just wanted to post an R3D from our first gig with our new Dragon. We upgraded to the latest firmware 5.1.38 and performed the default Black Shade after the camera warmed up for about 15 minutes. This project was shot at 23.976 fps and 48th shutter so we did not do the custom Black Shade.

    Just based on my Epic experience from the last couple of years, this seems a little noisy for ISO 800. What do you guys think?

    Look at the noise in the shadows. Let me know if you have issues downloading these R3Ds.

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    Kenny you have old or new OLPF?
    You went from 5.1.35 to 5.1.38?

    I think you're seeing this ..
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    Looks pretty acceptable to me. Not totally noise free but its not displeasing to my eye. Just ran a quick grade on it. Seems to be fine.
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    Given this is 5K material it looks about normal to me, although the shot is underexposed, I'd say correct exposure (assuming it wasn't a creative choice) would have been ISO 1280.
    Here is a 1:1 crop of the noise at ISO 1280 from a full debayered output...
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    It doesn't seem to very sharp... I am curious.... This seems like such simple test and shot... But I can't believe it is on a Dragon, or even an Alexa.... There seems to be no sharpness ( I should be able to see pores at this image size) and also it does seem to be a little noisy ...

    I shot my feature on Dragon... 800 SSDs and have projected at 4K in a theater and not one of the shots looks like this... And I used smoke and diffusion...

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    Under exposed. And yes, a bit soft. That said, it looks just fine overall and by the time it's sampled down to 4K or lower we probably wouldn't need to add any sharpening, although I probably would add just a wee bit.
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    Yes as stated here your histogram does not peak even when I bring it up to 5600ISO.... so basically you only used the lower end of the sensor. Simply you shot your scene more than f4 stops under perfect exposure...

    If you would have exposed to the right and then pushed down 4 stops, then your image would have looked exactly the same... but made out of glass instead of sandpaper :)

    So yes, looks about right for well under exposed 800 ISO.

    See screendump when brought up to 6800ISO with no clipping.

    Evin just so I understand what do you mean with " I'd say correct exposure (assuming it wasn't a creative choice) would have been ISO 1280." ?

    I mean he got 4 or 5 stops to go before he's highlights hit the roof so no real reason for laying so low if clean image is the goal, or? Needs to open up or bring more lights simply. Or just see the noise go away in the downsampling :)
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    Not sure how it impacts noise, but the .38 readme really stresses the need to blackshade after this firmware update. More so than previous builds I recall.
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    Thanks guys for the feedback. I am still trying to figure out the best way to set exposure on the Dragon, but I agree that its underexposed. This is the old OLPF FYI. I am not sure what FW we were on because I updated it right when we got it back from Red.
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