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    Here's a list of things that I've read recently that have peaked my interest. Please add others...

    - Matthews wireless follow focus system
    - Tilta wireless follow focus system
    - Bright Tangerine mattebox updates, including a tilting module for a updated Strummer
    -Ppanasonic GH4 and Varicam, possibly new AF100?
    - 2 new Canon Cinema EOS cameras, and a new cinema DSLR
    - Kinefinity 6k cam
    - Sony said big surprises regarding their current cine cam line
    - BeSteadyFour, Movi, and Defy stabilizers
    - whatever Red has up their sleeve
    - new plasma lighting

    WHAT ELSE?!?!
    Director of Photography / Filmmaker
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    1000 Chinese manufacturers of Movi like products
    ditto on jibs / sliders with power heads

    (wink wink)
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    I hear GoPro is going to launch their 4K motion camera, Sony is going to announce a "significant" price drop on their lineup and ARRI has a new camera without a viable workflow or lens options :)
    Mark L. Pederson
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    At the risk of sounding like an overbearing English teacher - not "peaked" but "piqued." (People do this a lot so I thought I'd try and contribute a correction.)

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    Interested in checking out the Panasonic 4K VariCam 35. A little late to the game, but was a big Ikegami user back in the 80', 90's broadcast era, and a bunch of those engineers ended up at Panny... thus their rise in the broadcast world. Will be interesting to see what this offering is and how the workflow will pan out... and the cost.
    Ken Willinger S.O.C.
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    I heard Black Magic has a FF35, 6k, 16stop camera coming. $5k. Won't be here until 2015 even though they'll say end of summer.

    Just kidding.

    I'm expecting a lot of cheap 4k and a lot of cheap raw. I would like to see Canon dip into raw officially on their DSLRs... though I think they'll stick with h264 (or successor) just at wannabe 4k (instead of wannabe 1080p.... Magic Lantern will have a field day with it though.)
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    ARRI will show off 4K camera with COMPRESSED RAW recording onboard. The next day they are sued by Red, just like Sony for F65 camera, because Red owns compressed RAW patent…
    Jake Blackstone
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    MOD Color Web Site
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    I think Red maybe will announce 8k camera with over 20 stop DR.

    Tarek Salman


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    Where is the REDuser party?
    Oregon Based Cinematographer / Creator of Kira an innovative new high-speed camera robot.

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    Rumor - AVID combines Symphony with Protools - at long last (but is it too late?).
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