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    Quote Originally Posted by scott william View Post
    I went to the cinema this morning and tested my new DCP file. It works fine, maybe a little less saturation then the rec709 version but unnoticeable.
    I think the QC process is mandatory for creating DCPs. You have to see them in a real theatrical environment to know if it works or not. I once was part of a DCP where we got to the theater and were stunned to discover the whole thing was 2 seconds out of sync with the soundtrack. In this case, we had hired a DCP company to handle this part of it, and they were flummoxed as to how it happened and why their technician had missed it. Luckily, there was time to redo it before the screening and it was all worked out.

    The other trick for screenings is just getting the files copied correctly to the expected disk format, which is very time-consuming. This is not as simple or easy a process as you might think.
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    QuVIS makes an excellent and inexpensive DCP player for Mac. It shows everything on Rec.709, so you can verify color accuracy and audio/video synchronization on your calibrated monitor.
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