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    We are proud to announce REDLINK and the REDLINK Development Kit.

    REDLINK is our open protocol that allows 3rd parties to completely control the camera via REDLINK modules or via Serial/Ethernet.

    Also includes integrated THC wireless lens control module for wireless control of motorized lenses with any RED THC Hand Controller.

    The REDLINK DEVELOPMENT KIT includes the REDLINK Bridge Module, USB Stick with Development software and quickstart guides.

    RED.COM will have the REDLINK Development section up tomorrow.

    $395. In Stock ready to ship. ( will be on RED.COM in the morning )

    A great example of how 3rd parties have taken the REDLINK SDK is Mikeal from Foolcat who has created Foolcontrol.

    Come visit our booth tomorrow to see Mikeal and the app in action or check later on this week.

    Here are some screenshots of Foolcontrol in action:

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    wow. Nice
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    foolcat : HTML / PDF visual reports for OS X
    foolcontrol : RED camera control for OS X
    foolcontrol : RED camera control for iOS staying hungry, staying foolish twitter vimeo facebook instagram
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    Lovely - and thanks for nice price!

    I see easy off camera looks!

    And so much more
    Paul Engstrom

    boutique image services

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    Can we also pull r3d stills over gig-e?
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    awesome for Movi and heli stuff!
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    Cool thing. It is not wifi, so it cannot work with pads? Or maybe with win-pads?
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    This looks great.
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    glad i had a part at putting you two together...nice work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunleik Groven View Post
    Cool thing. It is not wifi, so it cannot work with pads? Or maybe with win-pads?
    Works wireless, yes. Android and iOS reference apps included with kit. Whole developer page going up tomorrow with full details...
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