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  #1 NAB 2014 - DRAGONcolor and REDgamma 4 
    This is big.....

    Tomorrow morning we will be releasing a new RCX as well as a new Camera build that includes DRAGONcolor and REDgamma 4.

    Graeme's greatest creation to date, DRAGONcolor is a dramatic improvement in color science and incorporates the best of DRAGON down to the sensor level. DRAGONcolor is paired with REDgamma4 which includes smoother roll-offs and true blacks.


    Updated: New look and feel.
    Added: DRAGONcolor and REDgamma4.
    Added: Advanced Dragon Debayer (A.D.D.) with HDRx and motion support.
    Added: Support for camera generated markers.
    Added: CUDA support.
    Added: Ability to filter wav files from the browser.
    Added: Rating can now be applied to both clips and frames through context sensitive keyboard shortcuts.
    Added: Rating a frame now automatically creates a frame marker.
    Updated: Default keyboard shortcuts for rating, video out and L/R stereo toggling have been changed.
    Fixed: Improved OpenCL and Cuda card compatibility checks.
    Fixed: Image corruption when doing rotation in 3D side by side mode.
    Fixed: Crash when doing still snapshots.
    Fixed: Some fit height modes where incorrect when Rocket was enabled for decoding.
    Fixed: OpenEXR is now properly supported when doing simple blend.
    Fixed: Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

    DSMC Firmware v5.2.8 will be posted tomorrow

    New Features
    • REDLINK Module support (wireless networking and wireless hand controller)
    • 4K Broadcast Module support
    • Switchblade Module support
    • Dragon Monochrome support
    • Scarlet Dragon support
    • Public REDLINK Control Protocol support
    • DRAGONcolor (Dragon only)
    • REDgamma4 as default gamma
    • 4 User Calibration Maps available (Dragon only)
    • Calibration map programming time optimized (Dragon only)
    • Added frame processing (Dragon)
    • Increased max exposure time to 1 sec (Dragon)
    • Rack point UI enhancements
    • Optimize color science updates
    • Clean format transitions
    • Video markers support
    • Video markers / regions in playback
    • Pre-trigger added to trigger mode
    • Low Compression Burst mode capture
    • Updated UI theme
    • 6:5 formats added for full height 2.40:1 2x Anamorphic de-squeeze
    • Horizon line UI overlay
    • A-X track toggle in preview and playback
    • Added additional supported lenses
    • SSD fragmentation detection
    • Added Exposure Assist
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    Love it. Nice
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    Can't wait to see it in action!
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    Looks fantastic!

    RG4 is for MX too?
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    Hard to get any thing done this morning, but checking Recon......
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    Burst mode?

    Is all of this be for MX too, unless designated "dragon-only"?
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    Did I see Burst mode in there?
    And not Dragon only?

    Edit: Mike you beat me....
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    Can't even begin to explain how impressive these 2 builds are.....
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    Congrats guys and hats off Graeme.
    Looking forward to seeing the results.
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