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    also, visually being able to toggle between a and x track (hdr-x) with a button is pretty sweet... i was wondering when this would happen
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    Now that there is active heating in the Dragon sensor
    - it can actively stabilise at a higher temperature (as the sensor likes a little pre-heat) in cooler climates,
    - and do so much faster.

    4 calibrations is probably a great sweet spot that users can use effectively, whilst covering 90% of their filming needs.
    I speculate therefore that the MX would need a number of calibrations to get the same coverage.
    As the Dragon sensor is more of a precision tool - maybe having a bang-on calibration is important in getting that extra dB of S/N ratio out of it.

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    I kinda wish these cameras had an SD slot for shuffling around settings and looks and whatnot.
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