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  1. #1 lcd pro 7 issue 
    just after a couple of months ago I upgrade my red one to MX sensor..
    very happy with the result. I shot a short on it just a week ago.
    today I turn on the camera on location for a shot and this is the result:

    I already open a ticket with red but in your experience what is this???
    LCD died?

    I checked the lcd cable with a tester and it's ok.
    I attached another monitor to camera via HDMI and work well.

    did you have any similar issue?
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    Just to inform the 200 friends that read this post without writing nothing...
    I can confirm that the problem is on the LCD and that a rough estimation from RED headquarters talk about 1800 USD. much more than the item value...
    LCD = DIED FOREVER... F**K!!!!

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    Sorry to hear that! :(
    RED ONE MX #2333
    amil Yosufi

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    Waw.......very bad news!!!....a second hand 7" LCD is no more than $800, go to marketplace or ebay and get your replacement.
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    i have an extra 7" left over from my my red1 days to sell
    sergio Arguello:
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    Talk to Jacek from Optitek. I think he's fixed some of these before.

    Failing that, get a local competent electronic engineer to take a look. It may be fixable, or it may be possible to source a replacement screen for less than $1800!
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    did you fixed that problem? Maybe I can help. Just let me know. I had the same problem and could fix the issue for under 500$.
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