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    Can't wait to see what he does with the camera. I much enjoyed his Night Watch movie, still have to see Day Watch.
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    Congratulations Jim!

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    Same here Rob, Night Watch was crazy... here is Timur's imdb profile

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith Nealy View Post
    How appropriate that the first film for RED will be shot in Russia...
    Home of the "Reds"...


    I am so glad the cold war is over. Now I can dump my wife and go marry a hot russian babe. Hey, it's possible!! Has anyone seen the beauty on this seasons 'Americas next top model'? She's 21 her ol man is over 40.

    (Can you tell my wife doesn't read these forums, hehehe).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jannard View Post
    "Director Timur Bekmambetov of Bazlevs Film in Moscow, has chosen the RED ONE digital camera for all the digital cinematography used in Universal Pictures', WANTED, staring Angelia Jolie, Morgan Freeman and James McAvoy. Though the body of the movie will be shot in film, there is a substantial digital component to the filming which will be used by Bekmambetov's VFX and production company in Russia. Wanted begins shooting in Prague in April, 2007."

    Dear RED Boss Mr. Jim Jannard,

    may I lift up a fire after Moscow that CHINA can come after to choose the RED ONE digital camera for all the digital Films in China.

    CHINA will have 2000s Digital screens within 3 - 5 years, and one thing that the recent CHINA 's policy that every framer should watch at least one new D-FIlM each month.

    As a local CHINESE named STEWART CHONG in HKSAR / CHINA and I have deeply involved to make it happen soon after April or may be in 1st of MAY for the CHINA's labour DAYS.

    If JIM can allow me to have the 1st RED ONE in HKG / CHINA right after NAB 2007.

    Iam ready and I am crossing my fingers.


    REDHKSC and WOW Holdings

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    I know my fellow Russian's will make me proud! :greedy:

    BTW, Jim you've broken the Angelina casting news prior to IMDB or the tabloids! Nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Lohman View Post
    Can't wait to see what he does with the camera. I much enjoyed his Night Watch movie, still have to see Day Watch.
    Is Daywatch available on DVD in region 2?
    Clayton Harper, Director/DP

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    Great news. I'm curious what "digital component to the filming" means, though... Hope he's going for a filmlook with Red, not video... For example, we've all seen the difference between Michael Mann's video look and what Fincher is going for with the Viper(Two of my favorite directors by the way). If the first Red footage stands out as video it would be a shame...

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    I just watched the Day Watch trailer this morning:

    Saying that the RED will be involved in the visual effects on a movie is one thing, but to say it will be involved in one of Timur's movies is another (he loves his visual effects...). Very good news.

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    So, will Timur Bekmambetov be using a prototype or one of the first production models?
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