Thread: MC7 - RED R3D Files Won't AMA Link from Hard Drive, Only SSD Cards

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  1. #1 MC7 - RED R3D Files Won't AMA Link from Hard Drive, Only SSD Cards 
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    I'm at a loss on this one. I have MC 7.0.3 on my desktop and 7.0.2 on my laptop. I have a number of R3D folders which I link to, onto the hard drive, after I've transferred them. R3D folders, on the desktop, always used to link fine... how, now they won't, and I get the error; "Unable to link clips at (file location)"

    And the odd thing is that it doesn't seem to be plug-in issue, as I have the current RED plugin installed. I downgraded Avid from 7.0.4 to .3 incase the new one wasn't compatible with the plug-in, which sometimes happens.

    The weird thing is that the project links up fine on my laptop.

    Has anyone heard of this? Odd that the SSD card works... but not after they've been transferred. (Also, in RedCine X, you can see the files fine too.) I just don't want know the variable is, other than version 7.0.3 instead of .2.
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    Is there an illegal character somewhere in the path name when on the desktop? Sometimes real long path names can be troublesome as well, and the desktop can make for a long one at times.

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