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    Hey guys, I don't really post here but someone linked this thread over at DVXUser so I thought I'd throw my story into the mix. I got scammed by "Bailey Sims" for a kino divalite about a week ago. After initially no response and ignoring my texts/calls, etc. for several days, he finally called and cursed at me, threatened to come shoot me, threatened my family, etc. A little while later, he called me back to tell me he was on a plane to New York. He kept saying his name wasn't really Bailey and I wasn't getting my money back, laughing, etc. Really childish stuff to the point where I sort-of had to laugh at it (might not have felt the same way if not for Paypals protection policy). He sent me a few harassing texts and a voicemail as well. After seeing that I posted about him on DVXUser, he seemed to get upset to the point where he offered to refund my money (which he never did).

    Jason, I can PM you in greater detail if you'd like.

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