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    We were scammed by a fellow named Tyquan Robert Foster that lives in Riverdale GA. The FBI is aware of his location and is investigating him. He hacked into Ken Corben's account and used his name to sell on the Red forum. Since he took our money and never mailed the camera, he committed a federal offense and will be facing federal charges.

    Even though we believed he was a real person in LA, beware of anyone in Georgia selling a Red Epic-w.
    William Howell
    Senior Creative and Multimedia Producer
    Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition
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    I received an email a few days ago from requesting more pictures of a filter kit I'm selling here on reduser. Did a quick search on the site and found his name on the scam list. Email is a gmail address, so I believe he is using someone else's name. Site looks sort of real
    In any case, beware.
    Christiaan Muñoz Salas
    Wildlife Filmmaker, Time lapse Photographer
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