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    Any chance the Sigma 18-35 (for Nikon) mount/lens communication will be fixed in the next release (or beta for that matter)? I'm dying over here not being able to use this RedLink and Foolcontrol because this lens and mount aren't playing nice.
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    So I installed 5.3.19 on my Scarlet-X, it gets all the way to saying that it was successful and there is a "Shutdown" button in the middle of the screen, however my side handle is not working (no display, no working buttons) so I have no way to hit the button. I did a hard shutdown by holding in the power button and powered up again and the same thing.

    So then I installed 5.2.41......same thing, no side handle. However this time after a hard reboot my side handle is back and working fine.
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    Is the release version planned to get the gyroscope when it hits 5.3? Or is that more of a wait and see/whenever it's working properly deal?
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    Can we now flip flop a 5" monitor?
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    any major bugs with the beta? would love to get full switchblade functionality.
    Mike Simpson
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