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    Hey guys,

    Can anyone send me any info or a template on their DP contracts and agreements? I'm going to have my lawyer go over things first, and I realize every contract will be different, but I wanted to get some info before I sign this paperwork sitting in front of me. I'd love to have something to compare it too, or any other pertinent info that I should know about.

    Some info: 1-2M budget feature, money is coming from a fairly large production studio here in Los Angeles. I do not have an agent or manager at this point, and I'm non union. I've shot smaller features in the past and was comfortable with the contracts, but this is a pretty big step up for me and I don't want these studio exec's to eat me alive, so I'm trying to gain more knowledge on the paperwork side of things before signing.

    Any and all info would be greatly appreciated. I'll be taking everything to a lawyer next week.


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    I redline any contract I'm given and add my own stipulations. I make sure to think about being paid for prep, post work, overtime, per diem, turnaround, etc and I make sure that my credit is secure, i.e., no one can share the credit or it can't be revoked. Outlining accommodations is a good way to go as well...basically anything that you think might need to be in there, SHOULD be in there.
    The one thing I would say is to not give up anything for points on the back end. You will be at the very bottom of the heap for getting money from the film and most films don't even break even. Get what you're comfortable with during production and then move on.
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