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  1. #1 Jim's 10-year Anniversary Email 
    Ah, I miss having Jim on these boards.

    Unbelievable that it's been 10 years!
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    All I wanted for Christmas was a Note From Jim....

    "We are just getting started."

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    Senior Member Michael Mayda's Avatar
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    Got the note. Thank you Jim and everyone else at Red for providing me and so many others with the tools we have dreamed about for decades. BIG thanks!
    Michael Mayda, Forensic Imaging; Dragon #00942; Epic X #00653; Red MX #1976
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    not a bad start :-)
    looking forward to the next 100 years of RED DIGITAL CINEMA
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    My Scarlet Dragon upgrade came back on Friday. I am looking at what I have shot over the weekend with my jaw dropped. That this camera exists is amazing and that ordinary people can own and use it is even more so. Congrats to the visoniaries -- Jim and Jarred and everyone who made this possible and continue to be the leading edge. Thanks, best and happy holidays to all.
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    Thanks Jim for the Christmas note....! Awesome...! Your Dream has made my dream come true!

    I've been here on this forum since Jan 2007.
    Martin Stevens

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    I hadn't even realized it's been that long! Wow... To think that this next NAB will be the 10th anniversary of when I stood in line at the RED booth to put down my reservation and then got cold feet and stepped aside. Hahahahaaaa.... Oh, how I still regret that decision to this day.
    - Jeff Kilgroe
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    Thank you Jim for the great note and a happy 10 year anniversary to Red Digital Cinema, a company I grew to love more and more every day. I think I speak on behalf of many people here when I say I miss having Jim's late night posts, those were always my favorite. I can't wait to see what you guys have in store for us but for the time being... I'm having a blast with my Dragon.
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    Thanks for the email. I felt my hart race a bit when I saw it was a note from Jim. Miss your posts here. Thanks for the nice Xmas letter. As others have said, I still can't believe I'm able to own and even chuck in my backpack when skiing the same camera as Fincher used on his latest movie. It's incredible and I'm truly great full.
    Happy holidays
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    Senior Member Brian F Kobylarz's Avatar
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    A nice note and just in time for the holidays.

    These are times we reserve to look back and reflect on the changes in our lives and dreams of what is yet to come.

    To describe the impact RED has had on our art, our industry, since it's introduction cannot be understated. Ten years? What started in that storage space rocked the motion picture industry to it's core. Dreams and imagination becoming innovation and finally, tools in our hands to create new images.

    Now the reality is there is no going back. No standing still.
    "We're just getting started" sounds like the right path. Glad to be aboard...

    Best of the holidays to each and all!
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