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  1. #1 Congrats to Red team on new camera 
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    Dear Red,

    I know everyone has been working hard on getting everything ready for NAB. I can imagine that all of the grumbling is kind of a buzz kill. People not complaining about change would be like grips not complaining about the food.

    Grab a beer, celebrate all the hard work, slap each other on the back, and well done. Thanks.

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    Here here! I never thought an even more powerful cam with more resolution would fit in a body smaller than the current Epic. Man was I wrong. Weapon looks tiny in person! Absolutely excited for 8K Weapon. Congrats to the entire RED team! Many thanks for thinking the design out and including VERY useful modules with a side control panel that people have been asking for. Even the built in scratch mics will help out on many of the shoots I do. Brilliant!
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