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    Quote Originally Posted by alexjentz View Post
    ...well done!

    Looking forward to when it ships!

    Do you know if they could also bring in native frame rate refresh support for 23.98/24p and 25p?
    Could anybody that received the new RED EVF already try yet if there is real native Support and display of 23.98/24p and 25p Refresh Rates when your Project is set to these ?

    Or passing that question on to Jarred or RED: is this something that is already active on the new EVF or is hardware wise possible with the new EVF and on the Roadmap to be completely supported with future firmware ?
    RAW, well done
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    Yeah, curious to know how many of these are out in the wild. . .
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    They said mine was going to ship a week ago and now checked in and it had been pushed
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    This might be a strange question, but can anyone guess whether or not the old original Red Pro evf from R1 MX would work with the adaptor on weapon? I used it a few times on Epic Dragon and worked fine. Buying in to the dsmc2 system soon but can only do so in stages.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jake Wilganowski View Post
    They said mine was going to ship a week ago and now checked in and it had been pushed
    Mine is suppose to come this month. Really I'd like some of the people on Guardians of Galaxy and people like Phil to fully test this batch before I get mine, since I don't like shipping things back and forth (and I don't want to deal with problems). This looks to me like the first electronic evf that really works for how I do things, it's taken an amazingly long time for the industry to build electronic EVF's ... it's probably one of those things that seems simple at first (i had crappy electronic evf's a decade ago) but ends up being incredably complex to do it right.

    (i btw use two of those A adapters on a 5 inch and 9 inch red monitor, they work great ... not sure about the old redone evf but so far all the old red equipment has worked perfectly through the A adapter).
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    Anyone know if there's an upgrade path for EVFs?
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