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    Sorry if this is a dumb question but I couldn't care less about 3d until I saw it on my new home theater (I'm now completely sold!).

    That got me thinking, with these increasing resolutions, is there a point when we'll be able to shoot 3d using a single 10k or so camera with a special "double lens"? I think I've seen a Panny prosumer cam offer this in the past but I'm assuming it wouldn't have resolved very well?
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    You can always convert any 2D footage to 3D, provided you're willing to spend between $100,000 and $150,000 a minute. Many, many major Hollywood productions (including all the Marvel features) are shooting this way. There's at least 5 or 6 companies around the world that will do the 3D conversion for you. Major features typically budget $12M-$15M to get this done, but that's chickenfeed for a $200M-budgeted film.
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    In my unesteemed view - there would be benefit in collecting low resolution stereoscopic wide angle imaging data from the front of the camera next to the main lens where the super detailed 'fat negative' 2D image is currently captured.

    This additional stereoscopic imagery would be stored as a separate stream of data.

    Google and Microsoft already have real time technology that can create 3D mapping from low resolution wide angle images.

    Software to combine these two sets of imagery should (speculation) provide a computationally more straightfoward way of creating 3D footage (they the $$$$ existing Hollywood solution).

    It may even lead to Editing programmes being able to 'remove' unwanted 3D objects in post, and/or add 'real' lighting effects in post (as surface angles would be more easily determined).

    Onset 'Previs tools' might also be able to 'Suck in' a location giving the DP new tools to experiment with.

    Long term archival tools may eventually develope codecs that more efficiently compress RAW 3D items as entire 3D scenes get decomposed into their constituent parts - and the animation of which could mean far higher compression.

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    Has been done. Phantom 65 and Zepar 3D lenses. Contact FYI Dedo is also a DOP and inventer/manufacturer of Dedolights.
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