Lots of stills/motion bits in this one. Enjoy

  • Stills and Motion Mode support
  • Swipe Up menus
  • Tethered Stills and Recording Support (DRAGON only)
  • Clip viewer and thumbnail support (DRAGON only)
  • 3D LUT support (DRAGON+REDCAST only)
  • Auto IP Support
  • User 3×3 Gain controls
  • Stills Multi-shot Recording Mode
  • Motion + Stills Recording Mode
  • Relative exposure in ramp mode
  • Pre-Record Ramp support
  • Remote Control Panel support
  • Independent Still/Video/Playback parameters
  • REDCAST module Genlock phase delay support
  • REDCAST module 24fps Playback support
  • REDCAST module video reset button
  • RED Touch 7in LCD default to 60Hz
  • 60fps Project frame rate support
  • Fix unepxected behavior when changing date
  • Fix Edge Timecode start time entry
  • Fix Side UI color shift with brightness change
  • Fix keyboard display when selecting Custom Text in Overlay dialog
  • Fix text for Side SSD Record button on RED Touch 5" LCD
  • Fix histogram option in Modes for Monochrome camera
  • Fix increment/decrement ND key actions for Motion Mount
  • Fix duplicate shutter speed after editing list
  • Fix intermittent camera freeze coming out of playback
  • Fix intermittent invalid camera info in the discovery list
  • Fix incorrect color space indicator in playback
  • Fix incorrect frame rate in Ramp Target selector
  • Fix Motion Mount shutter mode to disable AE
  • Fix Fujinon lens control
  • Fix invalid list values when list box closed using the Menu button
  • Fix update of UI after switching to DHCP
  • Fix UI when entering IP address
  • Fix playback error in Multi-Shot with HDRx
  • Fix camera freeze in playback when accessing menu items
  • Fix white image in AF with sharpening
  • Fix 7" LCD upgrade connected to +1 module
  • Changed Exposure Priority and Mode positions in AE dialog
  • Changed key action text from “AE: Recalc” to “AE: Start”
  • AF Improvements for DRAGON
  • Updated camera help

EPIC DRAGON: https://www.red.com/downloads/52b4914517ef02624c000017
EPIC MYSTERIUM-X: https://www.red.com/downloads/4f56854e6261f95a5700069b
SCARLET DRAGON: https://www.red.com/downloads/538b61b52f74a95b28001816
SCARLET MYSTERIUM-X: https://www.red.com/downloads/4f56854e6261f95a570006ca
REDMOTE: https://www.red.com/downloads/4fd907a426465a310b00015c

DSMC Operation Guide: https://www.red.com/downloads/5231faea2f74a961f4000005