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    William Robinette
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    Quote Originally Posted by Justen Nguyen View Post
    Sorry for the radio silence. I got into contact with one of the gents who used to run the old SF meet up and am working on getting some tech demo'd for the first meetup. planning on a meet about 3 weeks from now give or take.
    I hope this didn't die before starting. Count me in if it gets going...
    Paul Kalbach

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    Hey Paul! and Everyone else.

    Yes its been quite a while since I first Posted the idea. And I actually tried out some other formats of meetups differing from what I used to do when I ran the Orange County Reduser.
    They werent solely Red oriented so I didn't feel comfortable posting them here. However!

    I'm happy to announce however that I am reviving the Red Meet up this month on June 16th! Nick Hayes from Red will be coming up to give demos and hands on demonstrations with the lastest weapons, etc.
    Everyone is welcomed to drop by. Please RSVP so we are able to get an accurate count of how many people we'll expect.

    We'll have a few other comapnies there as well demoing their products. Hope to see you guys there. This has definitely been long over due.
    Mac House Productions
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    DARNIT! Didn't see this and missed the meet up ;(.
    Movi Op / Aerial Cinematographer
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    Looking for names of top of the food chain gaffers and key grips in SF
    Email me
    sergio Arguello:
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