There slowly seems to be a growing interest with Cinematographers looking into 360 capture... and a few poor bastards who are suckers for punishement (myself included) who want to venture into stereoscopic 360 capture!
Well, I've spent the past 7 months knee deep in 'gotchas', frustration etc.. but have emerged unscathed.
Proud to have finished Dirrogate: a Cinematic VR "novel". in stereoscopic VR.:

See online here:

What might be interesting is that at yesterday's OCulus COnnect event at the Dolby Theater these announcements were made:
- Fox will be releasing about 100 movies for the Oculus store (viewable on Samsung GearVR and Rift) - These wont be 360 VR ofcourse, but Fox is also working on 3D VR shorts/promos . "Wild" was one, there's more on the way
- The GearVR headset has dropped in price from 299 to $99 when it get's released.
- Netflix is already available on the Oculus store (a market place accessible in VR when the headset is worn)

Well, in short... VR is here to stay.

Genres where VR excels:
- Single location movies - Horror a particular favourite.
- Reality TV like shows
- Stage plays/ Theater

I've updated the RealVision knowledgebase with experiences I faced when producing "Dirrogate"... all from the low tech Stereoscopic 3D camera rig, to software used for post production, to camera framing when shooting narrative 360 VR video.
Yes, the visual quality of the real world footage sucks, that's because everything was on a bootstrap budget. The rendering was done on Amazon Render farms.

Google has announced their Odessey camera, Nokia resurrected itself and announced the OZO stereo 360 camera, and then there's Jaunt.

Hope the info posted is of value to you guys venturing into the murky waters of 3D 360 :-)

(as for one particular "cinematography list"... blocking useful info to your members is not helping them. I've posted a couple of times with info that would have helped members.)