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  1. #1 Red Epic kit for sale including a set of prime lens and zoom lens 
    RED EPIC Mysterium-X kit for sale. We are located in Auckland, New Zealand. You are welcome to come view or contact Peter at or +6421909066 for any enquires.

    Asking Price: USD45,000 + delivery

    We bought the camera new from the RED and compiled the kit in 2012. The kit was only used in shoots with professional DPs and AC.

    The kit contains everything needed for professional shoots, including a set of prime lens and zoom lens.

    Everything comes in pelican cases and ready to be shipped anywhere in the world.

    For enquired and details of the individual items, please contact us or view the link

    This package includes

    RED EPIC Mysterium-X Sensor Body
    5K Sensor
    DSMC 1.8” SSD Side Module
    RED PRO 5” LCD Touchscreen
    1280x848 (720p + GUI)
    Zactuo Viewfinder Mount
    Solid and adjustable.
    Wireless camera control, battery rechargeable when attached to camera.
    Top Handle
    x Audio Adaptor Box
    2 Channels, 3 Pin XLR Connectors
    Arri Matte Box MB-18
    Swing away. 2 Stage with rotating filter ring for cilcular filters.
    19mm Rails Long, Short and Extra Short
    2x RED Batteries
    Approx 1.5hrs runtime per battery.
    2x Swit RED Batteries
    Approx 2.5hrs runtime per battery.
    DSMC Power Pack
    2x REDVOLT + Travel Charger
    Approx 30mins each REDVOLT

    2x REDMAG 1.8” SSD 128GB
    Approximately 5 hours recording in 4K 25fps.

    Chroziel Follow Focus
    For smooth and precise focus pulls. With fast crank handle.
    Element Technica Mantis Handheld Rig
    The industry's most configurable and innovative shoulder mounting solution for film and digital motion picture cameras.
    Dovetail interface allows quick setup; 20 seconds from tripod to hand held. Multi axis adjustment allows shoulder pad to conform to any shoulder.

    Canon 14mm T2.8
    Minimum Focus 10”
    Tegea 9.8mm T2.3 (f1.8)
    Minimum Focus 8”
    Zeiss Standard Speed 16mm T2.1
    Minimum Focus 10”
    Zeiss MK1 Super Speed 18mm T1.4
    Minimum Focus 10”
    Zeiss Standard Speed 24mm T2.1
    Close Focus 6”
    Zeiss Standard Speed 32mm T2.1
    Close Focus 8.5”
    Zeiss Standard Speed 50mm T2.1
    Minimum Focus 1.5’
    Zeiss Standard Speed 85mm T2.1
    Minimum Focus 3’
    Zeiss MK1 Super Speed 85mm T1.4
    Minimum Focus 3.5’
    Noritar 135mm T1.4
    Minimum Focus 5.5’
    Cooke 10x 25-250mm T4
    Minimum Focus 5.6’

    4x4 Tiffen ND.3 ND.6 ND.9
    Circular Pola
    4x4 Pola
    4x4 .6 Soft Grad
    4x6 .6 Soft Grad
    4x6 .6 Hard Grad
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    Sent a pm/email about the b-speeds...
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    please pm or email thanks.
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    please view the link for details of the kit and pictures
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    please contact us. The kit is still available
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    Price updated. Thanks to Joe.
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    price updated to USD 45,000 thanks
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