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    If your on their email list they sent an update but I’ll copy it here.

    Hi there,

    Kris Bird here, RTMotion founder.

    As you may have heard, RTMotion was recently acquired by the Vitec Group, joining industry leaders such as Teradek, Paralinx, SmallHD and Wooden Camera.

    We started RTMotion as filmmakers - crafting tools that we wanted to use ourselves - and have been intently focused on quality, performance and customer relationships ever since.

    As the potential for RTMotion grew and grew we couldn't help but notice missed opportunities. It became clear that we needed a strong partner to help us get to the next stage. Someone who understood that there was a lot we did well, and to help us make that global. And for myself personally - to allow me and my team to concentrate on products.

    I am delighted to say that we have found exactly that partner in Creative Solutions, the dynamic, entrepreneur-led group being formed around Teradek, Paralinx, SmallHD, Wooden Camera, RTMotion, and importantly - the original founders of those companies.

    Moving forward RTMotion technology and products will be brought into the Teradek brand as Teradek RT - retaining the RT heritage but also allowing us to tap into Teradek's global brand recognition. We are really excited for the future and what it will mean for our products, owners and users.

    There are no other immediate changes - apart from that we are currently working hard to improve in all areas - while steaming ahead with product development with the added support of our new family. If you have any questions we'd love for you to take this opportunity to get in touch.

    Kris Bird
    Director of Engineering & Founder
    Chad Lancaster
    ICON Motion Pictures

    Now Filming "The Southwest"

    Epic Dragon #1107 Sold
    Helium Weapon hopefully soon

    "The Southwest" is sponsored by Kessler Crane, Bright Tangerine, CW-Sonderoptic/Leica, AKiTiO, Rigid Industries, Miller Tripods, Rode Microphones, Maxtrax, BBS Lighting, Camprite
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    Over the weekend I tested foolcontrol in long range RF mode (roaming) using a Latitude Sidekick (rented unit) and a Latitude MDR-M plus controller and motor. I could connect my iPhone to the transmitter Latitude and it detects my EpicW. However, it takes ages until the main menu page in foolcontrol is loaded. When I switch to playback, foolcontrol does not load playback menu. Instead, screen is black with wheel symbol keep spinning. Furthermore, foolcontrol is very slugish and not reactive to touch inputs with huge lag. This is unusable.

    Side note: When I connect my iPhone directly to Latitude wifi (in receiver mode), connection is stable as long as I stay within wifi range. Also menu pages load quickly and touch inputs are fine too.

    According to Rtmotion website, foolcontrol long range RF is still BETA and could cause data lag while in use.
    To be able to use foolcontrol for long range RF is indispensable and a HUGE advantage to other FIZ system, especially for drone, crane and such. Everytime connection is lost due to wifi range, foolcontrol has big issues re-establishing connection once camera is back within range. This occurs when I land my drone and director/producer wants to review the shot.

    Hope Terradek/Rtmotion can solve this problem with a next firmware upgrade.
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