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    Ahoy there,

    I'm very pleased to announce in I'll be conducting/instructing a Cinematography and Workflow Masterclass during Filmgate 2016 in Miami late February in partnership with Red Digital Cinema and FilmGate Interactive.

    This will be a 3 day workshop and one of our days will be spent filming in and around Stiltsville. We have unprecedented access to these structures.

    The workshop will be an interesting combination of technical and creative subjects.

    Day 01: We'll be exploring a bit of theory and various aspects of visual storytelling as well as getting down and dirty with modern digital cinema camera technology.
    Day 02: We'll have several cameras provided by RED on hand for attendees to shoot Stiltsville with.
    Day 03: The focus will be on post, edit, and color workflows for still and motion picture production.

    Looking forward to sharing ideas and shooting some beautiful footage in Florida. Should have space for around 35 attendees.
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