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That's exactly correct, not only that, but most manufacturers no longer supply their film with an ASA/ISO rating, which is based on a scientific testing procedure. Now days most films come with an EI, or exposure index, rating. The EI rating is not determined by any definitive scientific tests, but is rather the rating at which the manufacturer feels you will get the most balanced performance from the film, its "sweet spot."

In that context I think it's appropriate to say that the RED has an EI of 320 with favorable push and pull characteristics, as a film manufacture might put it.

I can't wait to see build 16 because it has been a bit of a game exposing for this sensor, because metered stuff looks "dark", but I know that Jim has stated that all of these problems are resolved in 16.

If you open QT tiff files that I posted links to here in FCP and look at them on the scopes, you'll find that 500 "looks" better, and 320 feels "under". This is why 500asa seems or looks more correct, there is just more signal there.


arrgh: i hope 16 is days and not weeks away