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  1. #1 ARRI Alexa Studio Package 
    ARRI Alexa Studio Package
    Operating time: 1390h
    Price: 35,400 USD

    ALEXA Studio camera body viewfinder port cover,
    tool set and manual (K1.71200.0)
    SxS Module (K2.72046.0)
    ProRes Codec Option (K2.72034.0)
    Quick Time File Format Option (K2.72035.0)
    SD card (K2.72018.0)
    Optical Universal Viewfinder OVF-1 (K2.72048.0)
    435 8x Eyepiece (K2.47081.0)
    Center Camera Handle, CCH-1 (K2.72007.0)
    High Speed License (K2.72076.0)
    Anamorphic De-squeeze License (K2.72067.0)
    SxS PRO Card Set 5 x 64 GB (K0.71011.0)
    ALEXA Ethernet/RJ-45 Cable (3.00m/9.8ft) KC 153-S (K2.72021.0)
    ALEXA 12V Accessory Cable KC 154-SP-S (K2.72031.0)
    Handle Extension Block (HEB-2) (K2.72015.0)
    Shoulder Pad (SP-4) (K2.72005.0)
    Leveling Block, LB-1 (K2.72017.0)
    Ground Glass 4:3, Spherical, 800 (K2.72069.0)
    Frameglow Mask, 4:3 and 16:9 Spherical, (K2.72073.0)
    Ground Glass 4:3, Scope 2x, 800 (K2.72070.0)
    Frameglow Mask 4:3, Scope 2x (K2.72074.0)
    ARRI ALEXA Studio Case (K2.72075.0)
    Sony MPA-AC1 (power supply)
    ARRI Battery Adapter Back for V-lock (BAB-V) (K2.72010.0)
    ARRI FE-3 Viewfinder Extender Long 295mm (K2.47082.0)
    ARRI Eyepiece Leveler EL-3 (K2.47767.0)
    P+S TECHNIK Heated Eyecup
    ARRI KC42 Heated Eyecup cable (K2.47771.0)

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    ARRI Alexa Studio Optional Upgrades (not included in the price)

    ARRI Bridge Plate BP-8 Set 19mm (K2.47090.0)
    ARRI Alexa handgrip set articulated - heavy duty (Start/Stop) (K0.71033.0)
    ARRI Alexa Low Mode Support Set LMS-3 (K2.72023.0)
    BEBOB HOT SWAP Battery Adapter Back for V-lock ALEXA

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    Price reduced!

    36,900 USD
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    Price reduced!

    35,400 USD
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