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    Magnesium Weapon is now on the street! Ours arrived today!

    it's nothing short of awesome!

    The case that it comes in is a work of art! If you purchased Epic M a few years ago and got the Pelican that came with it, this is that case on steroids! I mean they thought of EVERYTHING! There's compartments under compartments, a little bag that's velcro'd in there for odds and ends... it's as rad as Jarred's Telsa!

    This is a much nicer case than we received in the past. It IS part of the upgrade!

    Who doesn't love that laser cut foam?

    Everything fits in there very nicely!

    This bad boy is removable too!

    Everything is well protected on the top!

    No excuse NOT to take a reader and media with you! (Those are sold separately! )

    Even the OLPFs have a home!

    The upgrade does come with the "Lemo" (Original monitor/EVF) adapter.

    I travel a ton, so I opted for the "stealth" badging! It looks sweet!

    I can't say enough about how great all the 'connectors' are on the right side! This is beyond awesome!

    I made up my own shirt!

    Proud to have the first to hit the streets!

    DSMC 2 baby!

    Magnesium! Love it with this combo! What you see here, plus a battery only weigh in at 8.4 pounds! This will be great for gimbals, drones and steadicam!

    The camera is just wicked cool! I think it's a bit shorter than Epic, it's not as long, and the weight difference is indeed noticeable. One of the absolutely cool things is that for those of use that work in "TV" and are constantly asked to apply the unsharpmask during transcodes, won't have to any longer! For a while now, the Epic line up has had a "sharpening" in the look section of the menu, and has applied that sharpening to the outbound video signal (great for recording that if you want...). Now, the Pro Res files get that sharpening applied/baked in too! This is terrific!

    The camera has a bit of minute fan noise when it powers up... then is dead silent! You don't even realize it's ON!

    As I work my way through it, I will share what I know and learn. The menu's are familiar if you have used any of the previous DSMC cameras.
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    fix pix please and ty
    LOCAL 600

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    BEAUTY-full! I love the case, too!!

    RED Scarlet-W 5K Dragon "Genesis"

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    Hey Curt!

    Your joy is mine... In that 1st photo of you, I think with a little touch from Make Up Dept., and some coaching, I think we can make you a pretty convincing version one of the current U. S. Presidential candidates...

    Thank you very much

    Carbon Woven Stealth, RRX, KOWA ANAMORPHIC Full Production RENTALS


    Thank you very much

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    Rad Dude.. Congrats.. Have fun
    Zakaree Sandberg
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    Curt, you are the man! Congrats on WPN-M #22!! Use it to make many more great images!
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    awesome! congrats on your new #22!
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    Congrats Curt! lol @ the shirt.
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    Can't wait to share in the same joy! Sending our Dragon in Monday once we get an RMA# from headquarters.
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    So happy for you Curt...
    Should we look forward to a "review" from you ;)
    Congratulations ��
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