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    Question) What is the RCP intention when sending out a message like: #$WEAPON:D:MMMODE:0|-1|:
    I'm not sure what you mean when you say "what is the intention?". As you already know, "0|-1|" represents an empty list. I'm assuming on the camera you are connected to you do not have a Motion Mount installed - if you did, this list would not be empty.

    Quote Originally Posted by Antony Newman View Post
    +) If my understanding is correct -> this results in "display string needs to be retrieved from this list rather than current message"
    That is correct, the field 'display_str_in_list' means that the display string for the given parameter should be retrieved from the list and not the normal "current" message.

    Quote Originally Posted by Antony Newman View Post
    +) Should 'display_str_in_list' be false, or the comment amended.
    No, I don't think so. For this parameter you SHOULD get the display string from the list, it just so happens that there are no list entries (since the Motion Mount is not installed).

    Quote Originally Posted by Antony Newman View Post
    +) When an RCP List Parameter is send with No List .... is there a purpose to the message?
    This might be a matter of semantics, but the message WAS sent with a list, just an empty list. If the question is what should your application do in response to this message I would suggest to either display an empty string or something like "N/A" to the user.

    There is a bug in the API that will be fixed in a soon to be released version where RCP_PARAM_MM_MODE (MM_MODE) was not returning 0 when 'rcp_get_is_supported' is called if no Motion Mount was installed. In the corrected API code, this discussion would be pointless, as your code should ignore any parameters that are not supported for the connect camera.
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    Thankyou for the comprehensive response Trent.

    As you suggest, I don't have have a motion mount.

    I believe I now have apreciation that an Empty list = Parameter not available.

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