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    I think this is the future of video editing... collaberation is everything.
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    What is a comfortable, practical Internet connection speed to use cloud servers for proofing?
    Here in Oz, outside of cities we are luckily to get 5mb/s...
    In the future wireless broadband may take that to 25mb/s

    Do clients expect a response in a heartbeat?

    Mike Brennan
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    Quote Originally Posted by Emery Wells View Post
    We don't replace the need to have all your source footage locally on a hard drive.

    Thank you for your reply with the further info Emery. I think the first feature listed in the OP threw me off as it sounds parallel to how some might describe what Adobe Anywhere gives them:
    With this integration, artists and editors can:
    • Share a cloud bin / source media

    EDIT: I've been giving this integration a spin - it is pretty cool.
    I definitely see the ability to render/upload/notify in one fell swoop a review cut as absolutely killer. The commenting feature is cool - It can really assist with building concepts throughout (aka plussing) a video project/film - but when it comes to client review for things like corporate videos etc I'm not so crazy about putting some of these review tools in their hands. Doesn't mean the producer couldn't be the one taking the client's feedback and placing the comment into the timeline though..Interesting possibilities there.

    As I'm sure the folks are aware - Wiredrive, (who we've been using for review & sales presentations for a few years) is rolling out their adobe cc integrations in a few days, will be interesting to see the feature overlap. I've been on the beta waiting list since it was announced and haven't seen a thing.

    If we didn't have our entire completed jobs library metatagged in wiredrive library we'd probably have switched to by now. Our sales team is understandably entrenched with wiredrive library as it's very easy to find videos and build branded presentations for job pitches. wiredrive aint cheap though.
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