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    Quote Originally Posted by Milano Questa View Post
    My Epic's gonna self-destruct?! lol
    The other left. :)

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    For me if the talked about higher frame per second burst option that was supposed to be available in DSMC1 could be implemented in DSMC2, that would give me a HUGE reason to upgrade.

    The DSMC2 line seems to be a great step in the right direction with not having to black shade, ProRes, better design as far as ports, etc. but the actual image quality enhancements seem to be minimal. For me it really comes down to justifying the price based on the final image.

    I was never expecting anything unreasonable, but a FPS bump with a 5-10 second max record time would be huge to me!
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    I have an Epic-x and when I read this form Jarred I almost raided my savings account
    "So the Weapon MG trade in package that includes the new accessories you need is $ 29.5k Minus whatever version of Epic you have , ( lets say Epic-X to compare equally the bottom of the Epic line to the bottom of the Weapon line) , we are giving you $15,500 of trade in credit so you are paying $14,000 total for a new camera that includes all new accessories that a new customer would pay $30k just for the brain alone . I don't know how that's a worse deal than what you paid along the way ( similar to your own words " amazing deal " to go from R1 to Epic" ) and I don't know how that is not just an incredibly great program."

    ...but he is talking about the EPIC-X DRAGON... I used to know a girl who did things like this to me...
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    Good to hear the commitment to the new bodies. I'm really happy with my decision to upgrade to weapon. I don't think the form factor gets enough praise, it's incredible how small and light the brain is.
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    Jarred, you guys make incredible products...please make some glass again.....!!!
    This thing is kinda big hahaha.....
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    I appreciate this. 4 years. Same brain configuration for accessories. Thank you for making that clear Jarred.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    I think we have done a pretty great job upholding to Jim's original Obsolescence Obsolete mantra by moving our customers along both our evolutionary and revolutionary updates via our incredible upgrade program.

    The DSMC2 camera brain really lets us extend this to a whole new level. Moving the connectors off of the main brain allows us to continuously grow with technology as they present themselves. It also allows us and 3rd parties to really extend our cameras by accommodating complete customization never before offered in this industry. XLR, Mini Jack, Min XLR, Line level, Mic Level, no audio, 1 sdi, 2 sdi, 6 sdi, HDMi no HDMI, PL mount Canon Mount, XPL, etc. etc. etc. Doesn't matter which flavor of connectors you prefer or which wireless devices you desire there is an opportunity if we don't make it, one of our great 3rd parties partners can.

    I am not sure if this actually matters to any of you, but I am comfortable making a commitment right now that the DSMC2 form factor will stay the same until at least 2020.

    This should give our customers some reassurance that they have some longevity in their purchases and also relieves some anxiety from our 3rd parties investing in manufacturing new bits for our cameras. There is of course some incredible new sensors and will be incredible new ASICS and internal boards that will greatly expand your cameras along the way, and of course our customers will be able to upgrade to those as they materialize through our upgrade program. But all of you can feel good about getting used to what your Raven/Scarlet-w/Weapon looks like in front of you.

    There will be exceptions.. we will have some special cameras for special applications and we will continue to make some unique cameras for special customers like we always have.

    At any rate, This is one of those internal discussions that probably should of stayed internal but It seems like it just might make for a good discussion.

    Thank you all.
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    Yeah, glass. People really get ripped off. A multiple mount fast x20 times servo/manual video/cinema compact lens with good boketh. Just a few format convertors mean you could sell it into everything from 2/3 rds through 4/3 rds, EF etc markets.

    But a very compact liquid stage lens version is the prize. It would make Raven remarkably small with a 20x lens. Now think about how desirable a camera like that would be in field with a high quality liquid stage lens. low cost.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Lorentzen View Post
    Well, fuck me ... I just read all the fine print after having logged into about the trade-in program. So the price is $29.500 and if I upgraded to the Weapon Mg I'd get $13.000 discount which would mean the upgrade package would cost me $16.500 including basic accessories listed in the "included" tab. That's actually a pretty fucking awesome deal. Please slap me next time you see me. I'm going to jump off the Stratosphere Tower now...
    I didn't upgrade my Epic Dragon for a variety of reasons, but I do think more people might have upgraded if it had been clearer exactly how much it would cost and exactly what the vision was for the Weapon. I remember talking to a lot of my camera friends in the weeks after the announcement and we all understood we would have to pay $29K for basically the same camera with the same sensor, but with the ability to record ProRes. That was just too much of a commitment when most of us had only had our Dragon sensors for less than a year at that point.

    As new Weapon accessories begin to trickle out, and announcements about open-source form factor are discussed, the potential of Weapon is becoming more clear, and it makes me wonder if I would have stayed on the upgrade path if I had truly understood the whole picture. Oh well.
    Julio Quintana

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    Love my Scarlet and not ready to move forward.

    I'm just happy that my baby can output 24fps via HDMI.

    Just a jab at a local production that panned my camera for an F5.

    I had a chuckle when they found out they couldnt use the HDMI port using 24fps (and 23.976).

    One day folks Ill be on the WEAPON v2 train ;)
    < Someday I'll be cool enough to have something witty here >
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    Please make glass!!! I would love to see some new red glass!
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