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    Hello all from sunny Las Vegas Nevada!

    It's time for another annual/traditional NAB breakdown. For those who are interested in the glory of yesteryear: 2013, 2014, 2015

    It's 2016 now. 4K is "normal" and everywhere at NAB this year. Gauging the tide and reading the tea leaves this year is a bit more interesting than the whizz/bang/boom of the last few years. NAB 2016 seems not to be a revolution, but more of an evolution and growth towards current and future technologies.

    However, beneath those calm waters there's a few rather interesting monsters lurking that might elude to NAB 2016 being a bit more exciting than many have previously thought.

    This was by far the busiest year for me at the show to date, and for good reason. Much of what I'm interested in and work with is advancing forward at a rapid pace. At the same time, I somehow am still hearing familiar echoes from well worn corners who aren't exactly paying attention to what the industry as a whole is doing. Thankfully this year was full of heated conversation about the state of the motion picture industry and the chaotic development of certain technologies that will be landing punches at various strengths.

    Industry Trends

    This year I was very fortunate to be apart of the Industry Trends and Newsshooter Panel during the NAB Live Show within the Teradek cube. I have more thoughts than a 30 minute group panel, but much of my POV came across regarding certain things. A few I'll touch on here:

    4K and 8K Resolution - Yep. 4K is very real. Not many are showing off 1080p cameras at all at NAB and nearly everybody has a 4K or even 4K+ option now. Additionally there's about 250-300% more of a presence of 8K this year at the show.

    High Dynamic Range - Yep. HDR display tech is real and a lot of folks are interested in it. Netflix for instance recently announced about 150 hours worth of UHD 4K HDR content that they will make available in 2016. Boom.

    High Frame Rate - Medium reception. Many Japanese entities are pushing forward with "60p for everything". However, the real truth is our world with be 24-60p for some time with the occasionally blip of 120p rising up. My personal thoughts, 24p for story driven content. 60p for sports and similar things. That's where it divvies up when you take into account audience experience.

    3D - 3D 2D display tech is dead. However, 3D lives on in the wild world of Virtual Reality..... For reasons.

    Virtual Reality - Real to realish for motion picture production. Stereoscopic VR is tricky to do right for live action production, though 360 Video is much easier and practical to accomplish at the moment. Video Games in particular will allow VR to flourish during this new generation and because we now have the graphics hardware to support immersive VR this time around, it will be a bigger and bigger deal as time progresses. Augmented Reality will also start rising up more.

    360 Video - Related to VR and can be enjoyed in 2D space as well. It's a real thing and we'll be seeing more of it.

    The real truth to take from all of this.

    I've written before regarding what happened in January 2016 regarding the UHD Alliance and the new UHD Premium "standards". I've also written a fairly tidy white paper called The Window Effect that discusses the concepts behind Immersive Viewing.

    The motion picture industry as a whole is slowly but surely migrating to 4K and for some 4K HDR. Some are quicker to adopt this concepts and some are literally digging up and paving the road towards towards how and what we'll be seeing when it comes to motion picture entertainment. The concepts aren't divisive either. This isn't just about 4K, not just about HDR. It's about using these technologies as a whole to form better standards and better audience experiences. More color, more resolution. More immersion.

    Moving on.

    Let's talk about the RED Booth.
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