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    I've been away and haven't had a chance to keep up with NAB (even though I was only a few blocks away). The sheer amount of news to get through is rather daunting, so I appreciate this concise little summary. As always, you're super helpful Phil.
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    Thank You very much Phil, been waiting for this. You are my HERO.
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    Thanks Phil, here's 2 more RED booth eye candy :

    storm trooper 8K

    Graeme checking the color science in the HDR live 4K infrared photo booth (foolcontrolled)

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    Nice Phil... Again!
    Philanthropist | Filmmaker | Photographer

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    Love this thx phil.
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    I SO appreciate the time, effort and expertise you bring to us.

    Thank you, Sir!
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    Great write up Phil! Thank you for all that you do!
    Great hanging out with you again!
    Sean Ruggeri
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    WOW! What an awesome write-up... It was super cool meet you & say hi finally!

    You're an incredibly valuable member of the REDuser community, and the cinema world as a whole. Thanks!

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    this is what i was wishing for ty very much
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    Quote Originally Posted by sreenivasa reddy s View Post
    Thank You very much Phil, been waiting for this. You are my HERO.
    Damn. I wish I was wearing my Superman crew shirt right now :) Thank you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris McKechnie View Post
    I was waiting for this...NO-ONE does it better than you sir!! You filled the gaps for me since my time was limited at the show. Thanks dude!
    Thanks Chris. I was totally thinking of you as I fiddled around with the new Innovativ cart btw. Didn't break it, so I still like it :)

    Quote Originally Posted by Mikael Lubtchansky View Post
    Thanks Phil, here's 2 more RED booth eye candy :
    Great to see you again Mikael. And believe me Foolcontrol has been huge for us and me. We're using it on BMW on Sunday.

    Quote Originally Posted by Graeme Nattress View Post
    Thanks Phil. Always good to hang out and discuss imaging with you!
    It's always good "chewing the color fat" with you Graeme. I can't stress how grateful I am for the important work you do. The Color Science where it stands today has made me one happy fellow. You've seen a few of the frames I can't share publicly just yet and that color still blows my mind.

    Quote Originally Posted by Elsie N View Post
    Side note. After looking at the 8K cameras that are a year or more away at the show and comparing it to the Weapon 8K I shot in February, I can't even explain how incredible what RED has pulled off here.

    Phil, can you clarify this statement? Did you mean you looked at 8k cameras from other companies or did you mean the RED 8k cameras are a year away?
    I don't want to piss on everybody's parade, but I guess I don't mind tinkling on a few toes. Canon indeed had several of their Super 35mm 8K cameras on display at the show. They look like this:

    Additionally they had a 4X Genlock'd 4K projector setup showcasing 8K footage, which I'm actually interested in. 180 inches wide if you're curious.

    These cameras are 3rd generation prototypes, as well as the optics. But take note of a few things.

    - There is no internal 8K recording option. They are recording out to 4X 4K streams, which of course makes things rather large.
    - The scene they had demoed was rated at ISO 640 or 800 depending on the glass used and exhibited approximately 8-9 stops of measured Dynamic Range.
    - The camera's max ISO rating is ISO 6400 on the floor
    - There is very, very noticeable horizontal banding in the shadows. They had black cloth behind the talent which you see here upper frame left.
    - Their current generation 8K S35 sensor is measured at 13 stops.
    - There were some occasional motion artifacts seen within the 8K footage that was apparently coming from DPX sequences, though the projection quality looked very good.
    - On the good side, they do have 4K and 8K on camera and reference display solutions that look pretty good.

    Now again, I don't want to piss on anything too hard. Especially since this is a prototype and their camera is well over a year away, but......

    The RED Weapon 8K camera I used in February, while a prototype, was a compact 8K VistaVision plus image acquisition solution. Still a bit of work to do of course and the sensors require blood sacrifice to spit a good one out of the fiery gut of the silicon oven monster, but already insanely ahead of 3rd gen tech from one of the largest companies out there. I mean, GotG V.2 is using a few early 8Ks right this second. This is a tremendous effort put forth by RED.

    The 2/3" 8K sensor tech just isn't right at the moment, but I have a feeling that's the majority of what will be in Rio this year.

    I'm no fool though. Two four letter camera companies are coming hard to the stage. The S one will have an 8K solution late next year. The A one will have something new "eventually" next year. I'm cool with all that. It's how the whole thing works. The whole industry is evolving and catching up in various ways, but in other ways it's so odd what's skipped or left behind.

    Side critical and complimentary note. I'm on Weapon 6K and eventually going 8K, but what RED is doing with Raven and Scarlet-W has never really been done before. You need to keep in mind that the sensor found in Raven is the same tech as what's found in Weapon 8K. That's a crazy thing. While they are different sizes and resolutions, the entry level camera features the same base technology (in the brain as well) as the the premiere camera in the lineup. Sensor, processing power, and a boards are the big difference.

    This to me has approached a very "film-like" attitude towards different digital formats and I think, at least from my perspective, it's a good thing for the industry and those interested in filming with RED cameras.

    ** and no I'm not bitching about Canon stealing my graphic layouts or that other company that made the sensor size charts. *sigh*.
    Phil Holland - Cinematographer - Los Angeles
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