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    Had a quick peak at the xSpine and Gimbalink prototypes at IBC this week, and they both look very promising. The vest is pretty lightweight, and the arms seem to be really smooth, with a nice boom range. The system is very modular and future proof.

    Can't wait to get my hands on the finished product ! :)
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    Yes the the xSpine and Gimbalink combo looks very cool, but I hope there is a way to integrate the Arri Maxima with it too, because given the budget I would much prefer such Gimbal over any other.

    I was actually considering the Tiffany Exovest, so I look forward to see the differences with the xSpine, but the Gimbalink for sure offers at first glimpse an innovative and comprehensive stabilization unlike any other combo.

    Also because I will need to use a specific stabilization system to work on Foot, Cars, Boats and Helicopters without having to change anything, I hope to see this new piece of gear do the wonders.
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