Thread: New MacPro predictions? Hopes? Fears?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blair S. Paulsen View Post
    Lots of use cases to consider. To me, the iMacPro fits a lot of RedUsers who need enough grunt to work with 8K motion imagery - with all the conveniences of an all in one (AIO) form factor, OSX, etc.

    My curiosity is just how big of a performance delta there would be between $7K-ish iMacPro (10c/64GB/Vega64/1TB) and other options near that price. If, as I suspect, it would take at least $5K (sans monitor) to do a custom build capable of significantly better performance in the applications typical RedUsers rely on - I'd take the AIO every time.

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    The one thing that has me on the fence about the Imac Pro is the monitor- it is not a true color grading monitor and I am wondering if money is better spent on the best monitor available, go with a minimum 8k capable PC build and see what Apple comes out with in a modular system. That being said can anybody suggest a 24" or so grading monitor that travels well?
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    I agree, I'm a bit disappointed with the iMac Pro. There was to be a HP z1 touch slate version of the iMac with TV years ago. A 30-40 inch version if that, with upto 4x pcix16 user configurable flat side down slots on the back,there would be enough room to best the current Max Pro. With that area, a true heavy weight processor could be thermally accommodated. Instead, we have an idea that the iMac should look pretty from all sides, versus an opportunity to ramp up on the back.

    I think a rec2020 post 10 bit quality grading display is desirable, especially on a bigger machine like I am describing. It still won't out do a proper modular Mac Pro though.
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