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    i'm REALLY glad the 16bg are here but i gotta say $550 is a little steep if you ask me... the 8bg are $200, why is it almost three times the price for double the storage capacity? wouldn't $400 or $450 be more appropriate? and since when does RED compare itself to the HVX200/P2 world?
    cheers, loving my RED!!
    It's the flash memory market. Though demand is somewhat weak right now, the memory makers only make certain chips in large amounts and those chips go into both consumer electronics devices and CF cards. Without dissecting one of the 16GB RED CF cards, I couldn't tell you exactly what chip(s) are used in it and give you a better idea of the costs but I certainly think it's a fair price given the ass kicking capabilities of such a card, especially since there is only one choice available in it's market segment.

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    Again ... I think that what some fail to realize is that getting a higher capacity card with less reloading and all the workflow delays that go with it, no counting loss of time, and most importantly the fact of having a long in off recording time to be able to capture longer scenes in one shot, especially for helicopter and extremely complicated shots, were stopping at about four minutes is just not a good option, and the Drive might not offer a stable platform for motion reasons.

    The price is well within and below the margins for such a product, and what it offers, besides the fact that right now IT IS THE ONLYY ONE THAT OFFERS IT!!!

    Can't wait to get the ones I ordered and shoot away both with RED and my 1Ds III!

    F I L M M A K E R


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    ok.. i think we have beaten this one to death :)


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