This is an offshoot of the other topic but I'm so frustrated with how Avid works with RED footage - it's never accurate and always "muddy."

When I adjust my footage in RedCine, everything 'sticks', when I open and close it -- everything's there, all of the tweaks. However, when I link it back in Avid, it comes in as some muddy mess with downgraded gamma and color space, even though Dragon Color 2 and Red Gamma 4 are "available" under the Avid's pulldowns. What I have to do is export an RMD out of RedCine, then link footage directly to that... then... it gets "close" to that. Like, the shadow, exposure, tint all sticks but (if I do Dragon Color 2, RG4), it defaults to "Dragon Color/Red Gamma 3" -- even though the RMD is DC4, RG4.

I don't get it. And, the odd thing is that when I export a look with a name... it's on the desktop with that name, I load it in and in Avid, it comes in as some generic name, in this case; Look 21, when it's supposed to be "DG2RG4ISO800."

The bottom line question is that obviously Avid still has issues seeing RED footage as it should appear. Is there ANY way to make it link and 'see' the footage as it appears in RedCine?