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    any tips for wide angle (zoom) EF lenses?

    I just found a list for cine lenses but most of them i own does not cover 6K.

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    - The Canon 11-24 EF F/4 is pretty intense.
    - Sigma has an upcoming 12-24 ART lens that will surely be great and way cheaper than Canon's 11-24 -
    - Canon 16-35mm F/2.8 III - Just released a new version of this lens and gives you an extra stop of like from the first two.
    - Canon 14mm f/2.8 - Awesome lens, but a prime.

    There are some other zooms (depending on how wide you go), but those top two will probably be your best bet for zoom + IQ.
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    Ok thanks! The sigma is very intersting!

    I want to go wide as far as possible but i hate fisheyes. I want straight lines :)
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    RED DSMC2 Helium #1939

    In production:
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    Zeiss compact zoom 15-30
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    11-16 tokina is a must have....... along with the 16-35 sigma art
    Tim Morris
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    I know Philip mentioned it covering 6k but does the sigma 18-35 art cover 8k ff helium? Sorry to derail, feel free to ignore this haha.
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    ZEISS OTUS series I believe.
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    Canon Cine Primes
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    Forget the 11-16

    For some reason everyone forgets Tokina made something newer and better than even 11-16 version 2

    Having owned this and the 14-20 f2...

    I like this better on Helium and Dragon.

    11-20 is way better than 14-20 on helium because the 14-20 induces stranger flares with the new sensor.

    Regarding 18-35 on Helium 8K open gate, there is a little portholing at 18, zoom in to 20-21 and it's gone, or if you're delivering 8KHD you'll generally be fine, or if you're a stickler for no portholing ever - grab the Sigma 24-35art
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    I am getting a lot of use out of the Canon 11-24 f/4 L it covers 8K FF with no vignetting here is a super quick video I did going from 8K FF to 4K FF at 11mm.
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    Carlos Quintero
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