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    Cineon encodes out to around 13.5 in float, which is great, but not amazing. Log3G10 goes out to 184.32 which makes it much more useful in the modern world.

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    I have calbratd 10 bit monitor and can do 100% p3 or 70+% bt2020 - no interest in doing rex 709 - is there a p3 lit?
    Also - one of the committee members for aces told me that red has best conformance to aces so far that if bringing Helium footage into aces workflow no alterations are required as it is already very close to aces spec. Comments and is anyone using aces with davinci? Dies redcinex have any support for aces workflow?
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    Each Log curve is different but seems Log3G10 perfectly matches to Cineon/REDLog contrast response. Just slightly different offset. This is really smart and helpful for migration to new Log curve with minimal changes in workflow!

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