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    I know that this not an engineering site but maybe some knows how this works.

    I am looking for a way to drive a Heden M26VE using an arduino. I want to create a very small, cabled (non-wireless) controller for lens control on a very small steadicam. I have a heden to drive a stiff old ziess set that I really like.

    For the moment, all I know is that the SERVO motor has an average 3 amp power consumption with a peak at 5amps and a range of 12 to 25 volts. It uses a 7 pin lemo to connect to the motor.

    Preston & Chroziel camins that can drive Heden use the pin config below:

    Pin 1: Motor(+)
    Pin 2: Motor(-)
    Pin 3 :Encoder A
    Pin 4 :+5V
    Pin 5 :Gnd
    Pin 6 :Encoder B
    Pin 7 : Motor ID

    The heden is driven by Faulhaber motor
    But I cannot work out which one.

    I have found a servo controller that I think might do it but to be honest, I have no idea.

    I am no electronics engineer and I have no idea how to translate the pin allocation for adaptation. My servo motor research on the web only talks about RC motors and I get the impression this is more sophisticated.
    Any thoughts are very welcome
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    Maybe you can open up the heden motor for a serialnumber? I think is a Faulhaber bx4 but there are many bx4 types. I dont own one so If you can send me some pics I would love to see the inside.
    There is also a link here with a Guy who works on a follow focus system using a arduino maybe this helps?


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    Thanks for the reply
    The arduino links looks very interesting. Give me a much better idea of what I am getting into.
    Attached are pix of the inside of the Heden. It is beautfuilly crafted.
    The motor is a faulhaber 2342s024cr

    I hope this helps
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    After many month and a very steep learning curve, below is a link that share the arduino code necessary to build a DIY camin that controls a Heden M26VE motor using a Motiondogs Lenshound thumbwheel.

    This is not a "battle proof" solution but shows what it possible to do with an Arduino. My next step is to try and integrate this into the motiondogs hardware with a final hope of seeing if it can be adapted to make the RED auto focus system work on all cine lenses (but that is a very long way off unless a RED engineer wants to help me by telling me how I can get the autofocus values in and out of the camera )
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